Review Buy on Google policies

Review Buy on Google policies
Make sure your products are allowed
Google doesn’t allow some products on Buy on Google. For a full list, see Google’s Shopping Ads policy and unsupported shopping content

Fulfill within 4 days, and deliver within 10
Google will automatically set your handling time to 0-4 business days in Shopify, and will cancel orders if you don’t fulfill them on time. Products must reach customers within 10 business days. If you don’t ship on time, this may impact your Google seller rating. Learn more

Refund within 48 hours
If you don’t issue requested refunds within 48 hours, Shopify may treat the order as a return defect.

Shopify can’t currently process partial refunds on a single item that’s part of a larger order, or refund fees for Buy on Google orders.

Set apps to use ‘Authorized’ payment status
Orders from Google will be marked as paid after they’re fulfilled. Review any app workflows that use payment status, and update the status to use ‘Authorized’ instead of ‘Capture’.

Fees apply on each order processed
Standard Shopify Payments processing fees apply on each order. An additional sales fee of 0.2% on orders processed through Buy on Google will be waived until August 31, 2022.