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HDMI Adapter

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For Vlog



DSLR Video Capture Card

Android Phone Tablet as Camera Monitor Camcorder


Supporting Language: French,Spanish,Portuguese,Russian,English,Korean,Latin American Spanish,Brazilian Portuguese

Resolution: 30 FPS

Plug Type: EU plug ,US plug,AU Plug,UK plug,KR,JP

Output: 1080p 30fps

Origin: Mainland China

Notice: Not fit for Samsung phone which use Android 11 12 13

Monitor App for smartphone: USB camera pro; Nextcamera; Camerafi Live

Model Number: BF

Item name: Monitor adapter kit

HDMI Support Format: 1920*1080PsF(24, 25, 29.97, 30Hz)

Function: Control shutter speed, ISO, zoom

Feature: without Any latency and drop frames

Display Screen: NA

Contrast: NA

Comtablie with output devices: Android smartphone and Android tablet

Comtablie with input devices: Camera camcorder with HDMI port

Certification: CE,FCC

Brightness: NA

Brand Name: BFollow

Adapter cable total length: 50cm / 19.7inch / 1.64ft

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BFOLLOW Android Smartphone as Camera Monitor

1. Which cameras and smartphones can't work?

1) It can't work with the cameras which without HDMI port.
2) It can't work with Samsung phone which use Android 11 / 12 / 13.
3) It can't work with iPhone and iPad devices .

2. Which Apps recommend?

APP name:
1) "USB Camera Pro"
Free version "USB Camera" for testing whether suitable ;
2) “Camerafi live"
Free version "Camerafi2" for testing whether suitable ;
3) "qdslrdashboard"
for Canon DSLR, Nikon DSLR, Sony mirrorless;
4) "next camera"
Free, Suitable for mostly camera;

Download these Apps at the Google play store or

3. If your smartphone system is Android 10:

1) Install "USB camera pro", if not work, uninstall then download again and reinstall;
2) Download "Camerafi live" special version by this link, if not work, uninstall then download again and reinstall: html
3) Update the smartphone system to Android 11 / Android 12

4. If smartphone can't recognize camera devices:

1) Enable smartphone OTG connection(Huawei Xiaomi Samsung Honor will enable automatically);
2) Enable the camera permission of the app
3) Enable all function of "HDMI setting" on camera devices
4) Keep camera devices in "live view mode" or "video mode" while turning on the App.

4. If "live view mode" works well but "video mode" shows black screen

1) The output frames of camera devices should be 60 fps or below

5. If have tried all Apps and all setting but still not work

1) Contact with BFOLLOW by Aliexpress message, and send your camera model and smartphone model

6. Apply for a refund

Open the dispute, upload the screenshot of three recommended APPs that show not working, we will full refund.
If you are one of this countries, we will ask you "local return" the product:
Australia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Chile, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland.

Unboxing from South Korea photographer

Unboxing from Brazil photographer


Reviews from user

for Vlogger Youtuber filmmaker

for Low position camera shots; for Panning shots; for Micro shots

Monitoring for live streaming

Output: Compatible with output Android devices

for Android smartphone
Smartphone holder width:
6.4 cm to 10.2 cm;
2.52 inch to 4 inch;
0.21ft to 0.33ft.

for Android tablet
Tablet holder width:
12.5cm to 25.3cm;
4.92inch to 9.96inch;
0.41ft to 0.83ft.

Install monitor APP on smartphone

Video capture card

Input: 4K
Output: 1080P 60FPS

Input: Compatible with HDMI devices

Aftersale Policy

1. Any complaints please contact me by Aliexpress message before write a review;

2.Please show the photo of the problem, as long as not your fault, we will resend it to you.

3. Unconditional Local Return:
There are 24 countries support "Local Return": Australia, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Canada, France, Netherlands, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland, Russia, Spain, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Chile, Ukraine, Mexico, Belgium, Czech Republic, Portugal, Switzerland.
Open dispute within 15 days after confirm received the package, and choose dispute reason "Local Return", then get return address, you need to pay the return shipping fee. Other countries need to return to China address.

4. Aliexpress will refund you within 7 work days if you win the dispute.

BFOLLOW Brand Story

Why BFOLLOW store focus on service video creators?
The ideal of "Global village" is a world more equal, fair, friendly, respect each other, share each other.It is awesome and attracts me exactly, but actually, it is out of reach for us, because most of us were growing in a noisy world, affected by hatred, prejudice, confrontation, lies unavoidably.

Fortunately, the world is changing, Thanks to the video creator, when you share life, record the truth, vlogging, people can hear different voices, learn more about the world from you.

It's my pleasure to service the video creators, I am standing with you to share the world better

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