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Microphone Set

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BM-800 Large Diaphragm Condenser

for Online Singing Live Broadcast Audio Studio Mic for Recording


Sound-absorbing blowout prevention net

Shockproof spring

Precision pure copper mesh cover

Dust-free spray paint process, comfortable feel

Coated vibrating capsule

Zinc alloy body tube

Compatible with most smart devices

Application: Condenser microphone

Material: Metal



Color: black gold / black silver / black / gold / pink silver / red silver / blue silver / silver



Input voltage: 5V



Frequency response: 30Hz-20KHz



Sensitivity: -42±2DdB (1.5V, 680Ω)



Output impedance: <680Ω



Signal to noise ratio: <60dBA












1. Due to manual measurement, please allow 1-3cm error, thank you.



2. Due to shooting problems such as light, there will be chromatic aberration, please be careful.






Package Included:






1 x Blowout Prevention Net



1 x Condenser Microphone



1 x Cantilever Bracket



1 x Audio Cable



1 x Plastic Shockproof Frame



1 x Sponge Cover



1 x Stand Base



1 x USB Sound Card

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